CSVtoXML 1.3

CSV to XML file converter

CSV to XML file converter

CSVtoXML file converter can help you to convert CSV file to XML file in few cicks by following those steps:

To use this software you need a CSV file with the first row containing the fields name.

After that, simply follow those steps:

1) Select the CSV file you want to convert.

2) Select or create the target XML file.

3) Specify the delimiter used by the CSV file. Only the following delimiters are allowed : ',' (comma) or ';' (semicolon) or '\t' (tab) or '|' (vertical bar).

4) Specify the name that will represent a row.

5) Press the "Convert CSVtoXML" button and wait till the program finish to convert your file.

- Multiplaform. Does not require any installation or uninstallation. Simply double click the jar file

- Freeand open-source.

- Easy to use.

- Intuitive GUI.

- It works.



CSVtoXML 1.3

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